by Garthim

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released December 31, 2005



all rights reserved


Garthim Charlottesville, Virginia

Garthim was started by Dustin Umberger in 2006. Dustin wrote the core material on bass, then Carter Felder, Kevin Ardrey & Rowan Hildreth joined the band to complete the line-up. Carter embellished the 3 songs on guitar for recording. Dustin wrote lyrics and decided to become the vocalist. We are currently on hiatus. Dustin and Carter may start up on new material at some point in the near future. ... more

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Track Name: Traveler at Nightfall
The night has fallen
His path awaits him
In the forest of the moonlight

His mind awakens
The olden legends
Fate foretold by mystic writings

Weary his body
The road will guide him
Through the darkness leagues

Swimming in memory
Blindly he wanders
Though his heart directs his journey

Sounds echo loud
Fear shakes his thoughts
Doubting his purpose
He trudges onward

Whispering words
Softly he speaks
Sound of his own voice
Faintly he hears

Always alone, grips his sword tight
Waiting for nothing, silence of night
Traveler at Nightfall...
Track Name: Grieving the Past
Alone, pondering night
Stars shining high
Shadows enveloping hidden from sight

Burdened by thoughts
Heavy at times
Mind searches endlessly
I close my eyes

Grieving the past
Eras of pain
Revisit my memory time and again

Longing for rest
Weary my mind
Far beyond reach of my heart for all time

My existence, so wretched
My anger, no direction
It's spreading, infection
Consumes me, resignation

My tears are flowing, face is stone
My emptiness I face alone...
Track Name: Flood of Memories
Staring through glass, reflections of a broken man
Scars of the heart are visible through hollow eyes
His eyes...

Whispering words, painful thoughts are haunting him
Pitiful game, a life that they can never change
They can't change...

Staring through glass, his eyes are only focused on
Darkened remains, misfortune always close at hand
Close at hand...

Time passes through his mind
Changing course
And then when silence creeps inside...
Time has been forgotten
Time has no certainty...
Your memory has been forgotten
Time will fail his heart for all time!

Time will starve the neverending
His life a neverending lie!
Time.. Prepare at last to die...

Wake up with no soul
Heart of black
Taken deep into nothing
You will see terrible things
Suffering never ends

The Flood of Memories
Will drown him forever more.